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7th Axis Allows Extended Movement Range for Robots

A new ready-to-connect 7th axis from igus will allow robots to move a distance of several meters with the help of a drylin linear construction kit.

igus now offers a ready-to-connect 7th axis that will allow a robot to move over a distance of several meters. It includes a maintenance-free drylin ZLW toothed belt axis with a corresponding adapter plate, switch cabinet, cables and software integration.

For easy integration of the axis and the robot, igus has developed two adapter kits for robolink and UR robots to help enable fast and cost-effective automation.

"Robots insert workpieces into a milling machine and place crates on pallets, which are then stacked," said a company spokesperson. "But how can they move vertically, horizontally or overhead in a flexible manner? The answer is a 7th axis. Specifically, for linear adjustment, igus has developed a lubrication-free, lightweight flat axis with a stroke of up to 6 m and a positioning accuracy of 0.5 mm with the help of its drylin linear construction kit."

To help ensure that the axis can be easily combined with a robot, igus now offers overall solutions for UR3, UR5 and UR10 robots (Universal Robots), robolink DP robots and DCi robots. "A customer who acquires the new complete system receives an adapter plate for easy attachment of the robot and the energy chain to the axis and the corresponding integration solution, in other words the switch cabinet with cables, motor controller and the respective software solution," said Alexander Mühlens, Head of Automation Technology at igus GmbH. "If a robolink robot is used, the 7th axis can be easily controlled by means of the igus robot control software. For UR robots, we supply a UR-CAP as a direct integration solution, including all the electrical modules needed. This means that the robot can be installed and put to work within just a few minutes."

Users can configure the appropriate complete solution online at The 7th axis is supplied by igus as a complete system that is ready to connect immediately, consisting of a drylin ZLW-20 toothed belt axis in the desired length exactly to the millimeter, plus the connecting cables, the switch cabinet, the power electronics, the software integration and the corresponding adapter set. Alternatively, the adapter set is separately available consisting of an adapter plate and control system.

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