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Improve Utilization with 5-Axis Machining

Makino offers its Makino Machining Complex (MMC2), an automated pallet system designed to increase 4- and 5-axis performance with a mix of speed and flexibility. "Makino's horizontal machining centers (HMCs) are built specifically for high-efficiency machining of high-mix and high-volume complex components. However, when paired with the MMC2, every ounce of productivity is extracted-with enhanced quality, reduced costs and increased throughput," said a company spokesperson.

The MMC2 is a modular, automated material handling system that links Makino HMCs, pallet loaders and operators. A servo-controlled, rail-guided vehicle (RGV) transports material to and from machines, with little, if any, operator intervention. Each system is completely flexible and can be designed to fit a manufacturer's facility using standard components. "Users of the MMC2 frequently report spindle utilization rates of up to 95%, leading to dramatic increases in production without adding staff or equipment," said the spokesperson.

While a standalone machine is typically equipped with only two pallets, the MMC2 accommodates a pool of up to 200 pallets capable of going into any machine in the MMC2 system. With this pool of pallets and the machines running, set-up time can be eliminated. This means that no single job is dependent on one machine or one pallet for production operation, offering flexible production management.

"MMC2's ability to reduce set-up allows quality products to get to market faster," said the spokesperson. "Additionally, it reduces non-value-add costs and improves profitability with a constant flow of parts that keeps the spindles cutting. Operators can easily shift between jobs without delays due to the set-up operations, tools and programs available in the MMC2 system."

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