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Milling and FSW Systems for Rail Vehicle Production

FOOKE develops milling systems and turn-key production centers in close cooperation with customers to meet ever-increasing requirements.

"We define turn-key solutions by customized machine tools, following specific requirements and the integration of individual work steps into a stand-alone system," said a company spokesperson. "In practice, this translates into the development of customized machine tools and machining strategies with the greatest possible economic efficiency and process optimization in mind."

FOOKE's holistic approach starts with the ENDURA 1000LINEAR, a 5-axis simultaneous long bed machine tool in a gantry design, specifically developed for high-speed machining of large-scale aluminum workpieces. Now, as a hybrid advancement with FSW unit, infinite possibilities are created. Floor assemblies, side walls, rooftops-all milled and welded within one system.

Through the integration of workspace partitions for multi-station machining and process-parallel loading, set-up cycles are reduced to a minimum, a benefit that is additionally enhanced by a multi-functional clamping system that can be adapted to the contours of various components.

The ENDURA generally comes with travels of 65 yards (200') but its modular design allows a limitless extension of the machining area and the installation of further gantries and retrofits, such as an FSW upgrade kit. It offers acceleration rates of up to 5 m/sq. sec. "The solution offers a significant increase in speed, compared to conventional long bed milling machines, while keeping the same level of surface quality and accuracy," said the spokesperson.

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