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July 2018

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All-Compatible General Purpose Low-Voltage Drive
Integrated Automated Bending Solution
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Unmanned Turbine Blade Grinding Cell
Closed Loop Linear Actuator Operates at High Torque
Universal Compliance Compensator
Design and Performance Upgrades for Pick andamp; Place Universal Joints
Fully Automated 3-D Laser Tube Cutting System
Mobile Bending Cell Automation for Press Brake
Material Handling Automation Package for Metal Fabrication Operations
Partnership Agreement for Automated Quality Control Solutions
Multitasking Turning Center Adds Lower Turret for Increased Versatility
Gear Manufacturing with Standardized Components from the Modular Solutions Line
ZDT Service Now Available for All FANUC Robotics Customers
Flexible Goes Adaptive in New FMS Systems
3rd Generation Image Sensors for High-Speed Automation
TrackMotion Floor for FANUC M2000iA Robot Family
Self-Lubricating and Maintenance-Free Linear Robot
Air Powered Motor Vises for Automated High Precision Clamping
Automated Custom Heavy-Duty Multi-Axis Positioning Systems
Bar Feeder for Small Diameter Bar Stock
Mazaks MPP System Adds Compact Automation to the HCN-5000
Industrial Version of 3-D Measurement Solution Launched
CC-Link IE Field Safety Features Integrated into Servo Amplifiers
Coolant Chillers An Often Overlooked Way to Improve Productivity
New Compact Robotic Dress Pack System
Tray Cable Range for Dynamic Applications
Partnership Brings New Openness with EtherCAT Interface
Cobot Increases Throughput Efficiency and Job Quality
CNC Turning Automation Improves Productivity
Cleanroom Gripper for Small to Medium Part Handling
Machine Monitoring System Online Courses Now Available
Servo Drive System Simplifies Motion Control for Machine Builders
New Micro Gripper Allows Fragile Part Handling
Expansion of Mini Ring Light Product Family
Lever-Actuated Shaft Collars
Independent Manufacturing Cell with Short Commissioning Time
Smart Actuator Line Capacity Extended to 16 kN Loads
Capacity Added to High-Force Electric Actuator Family
Precise Engine Manifold with Two-Blade Cutting
Automated Bending Cell for Small Parts
Advanced Grinders Team Up with Innovative Automation Solutions
Laser-Based Seam Finder Improves Weld Quality Reduces Cycle Times
5-Spindle Lathe with a Single Source Concept
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3rd Generation Image Sensors for High-Speed Automation

SONY Semiconductor Solutions features its high-performance 3rd generation CMOS Global Shutter with the IMX421 and IMX422 image sensors. Both of these high-speed sensors for machine vision and factory automation come with a pixel size of 4.5µm for high sensitivity and low noise. The IMX422 achieves a frame rate of more than 434 FPS at 10-bit pixel depth, providing a square pixel array of 1/1.7" and 2 megapixel resolution. The IMX421 achieves a frame rate of up to 371 FPS implementing a 2/3" format and 2.8 megapixel resolution. These high readout rates are supported by a full-HD readout-mode and the new SLVS-EC interface. New features like High/Low Conversation Gain (HCG/LCG), Dual Trigger, Dual ADC and Self Triggering increase the maximum throughput for precise object recognition and quality assurance of moving objects.

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur, Line Manager for SONY Semiconductor Solutions at FRAMOS said, "SONY's SLVS-EC standard with eight lanes answers the increasing demands in resolution and speed, and provides a maximum output of 18.4 Gbps. Besides the enhanced speed performance, both sensors achieve a high saturation of >25.000e-, low dark current and low PLS characteristics. The IMX421 and IMX422 clearly show how the combination of high resolution and high frame rates, along with Global Shutter read-out technology, boosts imaging quality and speed. Especially in the smart factory or automated production plants and lines benefit from Sony's additional sensor functionalities to increase image quality and speed."

Both sensors are equipped with four additional features, specific to SONY's 3rd generation: the HCG allows the acquisition of images with better quality under low light conditions. This result is achieved by increasing the conversion gain of the pixels while keeping the noise contribution of the analog circuit constant. Conversely, the LCG is used under bright illumination conditions, realized by lowering the conversion gain of the pixel. Dual triggering allows different exposure times and gains in different regions of interest, to obtain an individual and effective image acquisition pipeline with two external trigger signals. The Dual ADC can read each pixel with separate gains. A high dynamic range image can be obtained by combining the two images, "off-the-sensor." The Self Trigger feature detects a change in the predefined sensing area and acquires an image automatically when this change exceeds a set threshold.

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FRAMOS Technologies

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Ottawa, ON Canada K1B 0A9

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