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High-Performance Dimensional Measuring Systems

Quality Vision International (QVI) has introduced SmartScope SP high-performance dimensional measuring systems to the North American metrology marketplace.

"SmartScope SP represents the leading edge of high-performance dimensional measurement, combining high-end scanning touch probe capability with traditional video measuring strengths, all delivered in a cost-effective package," said a company spokesperson. SmartScope SP offers scanning probe, a large working distance optical/video sensor, an expansive optical/digital zoom range and a five-megapixel metrology camera, all as standard equipment.

SmartScope SP optics are designed for maximum imaging performance and flexibility over a wide range of applications. Its standard front objective lens offers the convenience of a large field of view, while the 5.5x zoom lens provides a range of higher magnifications to accurately image small features. An optional high magnification objective lens is easily interchanged when feature sizes require it. A 5.0-megapixel metrology camera and dedicated monochromatic illuminators contribute to sharp imaging at all zoom positions.

The SP telecentric lens system enables use of the QVI exclusive TeleStar Plus through-the-lens interferometric laser. This TTL laser offers an extra-long working distance and sub-micron resolution, suitable for high precision surface profiling and depth measurements.

SmartScope SP is available in benchtop and floor model platforms. The benchtop SmartScope SP 332 offers a patented elevating-bridge design and provides machined-in squareness and a large work envelope within a small footprint. SmartScope SP 463 is a rugged fixed-bridge floor model system that can handle larger, heavier parts or groups of fixture-mounted parts in a workshop environment. SmartScope SP 663 offers an even larger measuring volume and high payload capacity.

New SmartScope SP may be seen in person at upcoming regional tech tours as well as industry trade shows throughout the summer, leading up to IMTS 2018 in Chicago in September.

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