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October 2015

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Design-to-Manufacturing Software Facilitates Cross-Technology Manufacturing
Automation Engineering Software Suite for Enhanced Productivity
Online Profile Design and Management Tool for Trim Shops
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Integrated PLE/PLM Solution
Strategic Parts Management for Engineers and Purchasers
New Automated 3D Printing Quote Engine
Live Machine Tool Monitoring Software with OEE Capability
CAD-CAM Software Released with Dynamic Motion Improvements
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Web-Based Manufacturing Resource Planning and Execution System
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CAM for Feature-Based Programming
Online Workflow Evaluation Tool for Small Manufacturers
New CNC Metalcutting Technologies Can Provide a Competitive Edge
Romi Selects Glassbeam's Manufacturing IoT Solution for Machine Data Analytics
New Shop Floor Data Display
Easier Access to Materials Data Within CAD, CAE and PLM Systems
The Latest Version Industrial Measurement Software
New Features in Nesting Software Including Waterjet
Optimize Handling of Large Assemblies
CAD Software Adds New Dynamic Modeling Functions
Industrial Strength Tablet Launched
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Advanced File Conversion Capability
New Cost Estimating Software Version Adds Automated Feature Recognition
Enhance Interoperability of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Software
New ABB RobotStudio App in the Okuma App Store
Waterjet Cutting CAM Software Generates Tool Paths from 3-D Models
New Version of CAM/CAD Suite Includes Functions for 2-D, 5-Axis Machining
Multi-Channel Viewer Free Productivity App
Warehouse Control Software Now Offers Pick-to-Light Integration
CNC IT-Integration Software for Machine Tools to Include New Applications
Updated Native Data Translators for CAM Software
Tool Queue Feature Reduces Cycle Times
Machining Simulation Features Increased Machining Process Analysis
New Software Module for Tool Management
MES Software Available as Add-on License
Automated Inspection Across the Manufacturing Enterprise
Improvements for Milling, Turning and Wire EDM
WinTool Now Available on the Machining Cloud
New 6-Axis Force Control Software for High-Speed Precision Assembly
Quality Data Management Software Simplifies Reporting
Updated CAD Software
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Romi Selects Glassbeam's Manufacturing IoT Solution for Machine Data Analytics

Romi, machine tool manufacturer, plans to increase machine uptime with and reduce MTTR through the power of real-time analysis.

Glassbeam, Inc., a machine data analytics company, announced that Romi, a global manufacturing company, has selected Glassbeam's business Internet of Things (IoT) analytics solution to examine real-time machine data information and provide insights into its equipment performance. "The analysis will increase Romi's Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) by increasing uptime and reducing the mean time to resolutions for any equipment problems," said a company spokesperson.

Brazilian-based Romi S.A. is a manufacturer of machine tools, plastic processing machines and rough or machined castings. Its products and services are marketed throughout Brazil and exported to five continents for industries such as automobile and automotive components manufacturing, consumer goods, agricultural machinery and implements and industrial machinery and equipment. The company holds over 60 patents and has a further 30 patents pending in Brazil and overseas.

"In manufacturing, you cannot afford downtime," said Luiz Cassiano Rando Rosolen, Romi's CEO. "Our machines generate a huge amount of data that should help us keep our performance at the levels necessary to continue to lead our industry. However, we have not had the ability to analyze that data in ways that will provide rapid intelligence. The Glassbeam solution should provide that capability and help keep us even more competitive."

"We are very pleased to be working with Romi," said Puneet Pandit, Glassbeam's CEO. "Their revenue growth and worldwide expansion have been based on delivering high quality products on time to their partners and customers. This means that uptime and mean time to resolution are critical. Our platform has been designed to provide them critical business IoT analytics that will help them continue to meet and exceed their goals."

Pandit points out that the manufacturing industry also faces a significant gap between manufacturing systems on the shop floor and the IT systems that help administer manufacturing organizations. Machine data usually does not feed in to ERP systems and so a lot of analytics from the shop floor are very simplistic and the veracity of data for such analytics is operator dependent.

At the same time, more sensors are being deployed and high Capex machines such as CNC machines and robotics will start streaming more and more data. Systems that capture and analyze this rich machine data to generate intelligible information will become more and more important to manufacturing executives.

"Glassbeam is able to bridge this gap between the shop floor, the machine world of PLC-generated data from sophisticated manufacturing equipment and the IT world of ERPs," Pandit said. "As a result, financial and operational decisions made by IT systems driven managers can have the richness of machine data available to them in real time and with minimum human error, and in forms that makes the languages machines speak intelligibly to the managerial decision maker."

By filtering, parsing, structuring and analyzing machine data in real time, Glassbeam has the ability to correlate machine status and conditions with product reject rates, and quantification of machine downtimes. In addition, customers have the ability to correlate such downtime with internal machine conditions: minute real-time analysis of operator interference in pre-programmed machine scripts, even a machine's reaction to change in inputs such as product mix and lubricant quality.

"It is a major breakthrough for the manufacturing industry," Pandit said. "Our solution will collect, organize and convert large complex log files in real-time, to generate actionable business intelligence for manufacturers. And our patent-pending, cloud-based technology enables manufacturing customers to reduce costs, increase revenues, deliver products on time and on budget and improve customer satisfaction and retention."

Glassbeam customers and partners include Fortune 500 companies and enterprises across a variety of markets in addition to manufacturing, including storage, wireless, networking and medical devices.

For more information contact:

Romi Machine Tools, Ltd.

1845 Airport Exchange Blvd.

Erlanger, KY 41018


Glassbeam, Inc.

5201 Great America Parkway, Ste 360

Santa Clara, CA 95054

408-740-5600 / 844-564-3282

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