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SELF-LOCK Locking Thread Form

Wedge ramp surface prevents transverse movement. Arrows indicate load direction.

Emuge Corp. offers threading tools to apply the SELF-LOCK thread form for safety critical manufacturing applications across industries such as aerospace, medical, communications, transportation and more. "Emuge SELF-LOCK internal thread shows constant, maximum holding power even under dynamic stress. Functions remain in good operation even with repeated loosening and re-tightening of the thread connection. In addition, the special profile of the SELF-LOCK thread allows an even distribution of stress over the entire thread length, and therefore eliminates slippage," said a company spokesperson.

The Emuge SELF-LOCK profile is integrated in the internal thread and works without any additional mechanical or chemical locking devices, so that temperature variations do not noticeably affect it. A modified thread profile in the form of a 30° ramp surface on the major diameter produces the locking effect. Since the bolt thread is not affected in any way, standard bolts of tolerance class 2A or 6g can be used. In an ideal screw connection for high-stress situations, where there is a standard external thread in an Emuge SELF-LOCK internal thread, the internal thread yields a self-locking screw connection that can be used repeatedly.

"SELF-LOCK technology results in increased threading tool life for larger thread hole diameters and provides larger tolerances for thread hole diameters. Also, assembly is easy with no assembly errors possible such as forgetting the locking device," said the spokesperson. To gauge SELF-LOCK threads, Emuge recommends using its two-piece gauge system, which corresponds to the usual combination of a go/no-go gauge. Internal threads can be produced with Emuge taps, cold forming taps or thread mills.

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