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Preserve and Protect Metals While Projects are on Hold

When projects are cancelled mid-stream or after materials are purchased, concerns about rusting metals become a reality. HinderRUST by Fluoramics offers project managers and fabricators a variety of solutions for maintaining the integrity of metals.

"Whether the metal is stored flat sheets, rebar, girts, purlins or fasteners, HinderRUST provides a long-lasting boundary film between metal and moisture. HinderRUST is easily applied by sprayers, aerosols, rollers or brushes and can be utilized at any stage of construction," said a company spokesperson.

Fluoramics offers three versions of HinderRUST:

  • R2.0 is a short-term removable version that is suitable for metal parts that are manufactured and waiting to go into service, or that will need to be painted
  • S4.0 is the standard version for use on metals under cover and is designed for equipment maintenance, electronics protection and pre-assembly protection. S4.0 is also weld-through approved.
  • HV100, a heavy-duty version for extreme weather conditions, thickens over time and provides a thin wax-like barrier of added protection.

As an added benefit, HinderRUST lubricates while it protects against corrosion. That means nuts/bolts, anchor bolts and other hardware remain workable while waiting to be installed.

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