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5-Axis HMC with Z-Type Fifth Axis

Makino has announced the 5-axis a800Z, the newest addition to its family of high capability horizontal machining centers (HMCs). This versatile machine builds on the nx-series 4-axis HMCs, adding a factory built and fully integrated Z-type fifth axis to accommodate today's more complex part geometry challenges in a minimum number of workholding set-ups and machining operations.

"The unique kinematic arrangement of the a800Z minimizes the force path lengths both through the spindle as well as through the workpiece, efficiently transferring both cutting loads and reactive forces into the machine's three point leveled bed, maximizing both metal removal rates and perishable tool life due to high system rigidity," said a company spokesperson.

The a800Z accommodates workpieces up to O39.4" (O1,000 mm) x 31.5" (800 mm) high, with payload weights up to 2,200 lbs. (1,000 kg). The X- and Y-strokes are 50.4" (1,280 mm) and 47.2" (1,200 mm), with the Z- stroke ranging from 44.1" to 52.2" (1,120 mm to 1,325 mm), depending on the rotary axes positioning.

Both rotary tables are of the direct drive type, with unlimited 360° movement on the B-axis and 180° on the slant-style C-axis unit. This allows a full range of workpiece positioning ranging from the pallet top sitting horizontal to the spindle centerline to parallel to the spindle centerline, or anywhere in between these two extremes.

All axes on the a800Z have closed loop active temperature control standard, providing dimensional control that is inherent to this design as well as extended component life in demanding production environments. With rapid rates for all linear axes of 2,362 IPM (60 meters per minute) and a B-axis rotation rapid rate of 18,000 degrees per minute, this agile platform allows for efficient machine movements.

The a800Z's standard 10,000 RPM high power spindle offers output capabilities of 74 HP (55 kW) peak power and 532 ft-lbs. (721 N-m) peak torque for wide ranging material applications. The optional 8,000 RPM high torque spindle is offered for customers machining tough materials such as ductile iron, various steel or titanium alloys. The standard tool changer magazine holds 60 tools in a fast-access ring style arrangement, with a variety of larger magazines to be offered for additional storage capacity.

The standard automatic pallet changer on the a800Z increases machine utilization, allowing workholding fixture tending on one pallet while the other pallet's workpiece is being machined. Since the APC is fully integrated into the core of the a800Z, it offers ease of operation as well as system reliability.

The a800Z comes standard with a FANUC based Pro-6 CNC control with standard features such as a user-friendly touchscreen interface, advanced tool data management and patented Makino Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.5) high speed machining control system.

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