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Laser Sheet Metal Cutting at 5,500 IPM

Featuring a maximum acceleration of 1 g and a maximum speed of 5,500 IPM, the newest machine to join the extensive KAAST line up is the Lasersonic B, a machine designed for high-quality sheet metal fiber laser cutting.

The Fiberlaser resonator can produce 1,000 to 12,000 W of laser power, with X/Y axis positioning accuracy of ±0.0004"/12" and X/Y axis worktable repeatability of 0.0007". Featuring cutting ranges from 10' x 5' to 12' x 6', the honeycomb welded structure of the machine incorporates a gantry double drive control system, large inertia servo motor and high precision gear and rack, providing a clean cut every time. In order to obtain high-quality acute and right angles, the Lasersonic B series is equipped with Cypcut softwear that measures real-time frequency and power curves. The power of the laser radiation is automatically adjusted according to the speed of movement of the cutting head.

"The BCS100 self-contained capacitor height adjuster adopts a closed-loop control method to control the laser cutting capacitor follower and provides a unique Ethernet communication (TCP/IP protocol) interface," said a company spokesperson. "It is easy to implement high-speed automatic tracking and sharing with Cypcut software." Utilizing Windows based FSCUT laser cutting control system, the Lasersonic B machines are equipped with a large display, wireless keyboard and mouse, and two USB connectors for flash drives to download drawings and programs. The machine also has a LAN connector for integrating the machine into a common network infrastructure.

"Operation is simple and easy with the included Cypcut cutting software," said the spokesperson. "This software is feature-rich, simplifying and optimizing the cutting process, significantly improving operator efficiency and productivity. Cypcut provides common drawing functions, similar to AutoCAD, which are intuitive to learn and use. The software has a variety of user-friendly graphics operating functions and is simple and quick to get started." Supporting graphic data formats such as AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber and LXD, the Lasersonic B accepts international standard G codes and automatically optimizes when external files such as DXF are opened/imported

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