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October 2015

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Design-to-Manufacturing Software Facilitates Cross-Technology Manufacturing
Automation Engineering Software Suite for Enhanced Productivity
Online Profile Design and Management Tool for Trim Shops
Automation Software Integrated with Team Foundation Server
Integrated PLE/PLM Solution
Strategic Parts Management for Engineers and Purchasers
New Automated 3D Printing Quote Engine
Live Machine Tool Monitoring Software with OEE Capability
CAD-CAM Software Released with Dynamic Motion Improvements
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Web-Based Manufacturing Resource Planning and Execution System
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CAM for Feature-Based Programming
Online Workflow Evaluation Tool for Small Manufacturers
New CNC Metalcutting Technologies Can Provide a Competitive Edge
Romi Selects Glassbeam's Manufacturing IoT Solution for Machine Data Analytics
New Shop Floor Data Display
Easier Access to Materials Data Within CAD, CAE and PLM Systems
The Latest Version Industrial Measurement Software
New Features in Nesting Software Including Waterjet
Optimize Handling of Large Assemblies
CAD Software Adds New Dynamic Modeling Functions
Industrial Strength Tablet Launched
Cutting Tool Data Now Available on the Machining Cloud
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New Cost Estimating Software Version Adds Automated Feature Recognition
Enhance Interoperability of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Software
New ABB RobotStudio App in the Okuma App Store
Waterjet Cutting CAM Software Generates Tool Paths from 3-D Models
New Version of CAM/CAD Suite Includes Functions for 2-D, 5-Axis Machining
Multi-Channel Viewer Free Productivity App
Warehouse Control Software Now Offers Pick-to-Light Integration
CNC IT-Integration Software for Machine Tools to Include New Applications
Updated Native Data Translators for CAM Software
Tool Queue Feature Reduces Cycle Times
Machining Simulation Features Increased Machining Process Analysis
New Software Module for Tool Management
MES Software Available as Add-on License
Automated Inspection Across the Manufacturing Enterprise
Improvements for Milling, Turning and Wire EDM
WinTool Now Available on the Machining Cloud
New 6-Axis Force Control Software for High-Speed Precision Assembly
Quality Data Management Software Simplifies Reporting
Updated CAD Software
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New CNC Metalcutting Technologies Can Provide a Competitive Edge

Quite often shop owners and CNC machinists are literally too busy to look at how modern software tools can help them be more competitive, and often when looking at software it is difficult to see if a new package or method will deliver the promised ROI. But, one thing that is for sure, if one can cut metal faster, improve tool wear or reduce tool cost, a benefit is more easily measured. Two areas where technology is improving is in the area of high-speed machining and toolpath conversion from 3-axis to 4-axis.

Every shop tries to remove material as fast as possible while balancing tool life and finished part quality. The idea of high-speed machining is not new, but new methods for high-speed rough milling have been developed to reduce cycle time by as much as 80% while improving tool life by as much as 10 times. Traditionally, rough milling was performed by using a 50% step-over of the cutter diameter and a limited depth of cut. But now, using a smaller radial step-over with a deeper depth of cut in combination with high performance toolpaths, dramatically faster material removal rates and longer tool life can be achieved.

One example of where modern high speed machining algorithms are paying off is with CAMWorks' high-speed machining module, VoluMill, at Magnus Hi-Tech Inc., an AS9100 certified, high precision aerospace manufacturer located in Melbourne, FL. Michael Blake, Senior Engineer for Magnus Hi-Tech Inc., said, "I have literally shaved off hours of machining time using CAMWorks Volumill." Not only is this ultra-high performance machining ideal for soft materials like aluminum, the savings are even greater for plastic injection molds and other parts requiring a high volume of material to be removed in harder materials. Typically, the result is often a three to four times increase in productivity with a five-fold increase in tool life.

Another more recent innovation is in the area of toolpath creation, or, in this case, toolpath conversion. By automatically converting 3-axis toolpaths to run on 5-axis machines, significant improvements can be made in cycle time reduction while dramatically improving quality, surface finish and tool cost (because shorter tools can be used). Using this technology, 3-axis toolpaths can be automatically converted to 5-axis toolpaths. This technology automatically converts hard to reach 3-axis machining operations normally requiring long tools in extended holders into 5-axis toolpaths that can use much shorter and more rigid tools, reducing cycle times and significantly improving surface finish and part quality.

Five-axis machines also provide the ability to substantially reduce delivery times, while at the same time improving part quality. Often referred to as 3+2 machining, 5-axis machines can machine multiple sides of a part in a single set-up by rotating or indexing the part into position to perform 2.5-axis milling, drilling and tapping, or even 3-axis surface machining. Not only does 3+2 machining save time by eliminating set-ups, the part quality and accuracy is improved due to the use of a single workholding device. CAMWorks supports both 3+2 machining as well as full 4- and 5-axis simultaneous machining for multi-axis machines, including 5-axis milling and multi-axis mill/turn machines.

Authored by Marc Bissell, Sr. Applications Engineer, CAMWorks

For more information contact:

Geometric Americas, Inc.

15974 N 77th Street, Ste. #103

Scottsdale, AZ 85260


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