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October 2015

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Design-to-Manufacturing Software Facilitates Cross-Technology Manufacturing
Automation Engineering Software Suite for Enhanced Productivity
Online Profile Design and Management Tool for Trim Shops
Automation Software Integrated with Team Foundation Server
Integrated PLE/PLM Solution
Strategic Parts Management for Engineers and Purchasers
New Automated 3D Printing Quote Engine
Live Machine Tool Monitoring Software with OEE Capability
CAD-CAM Software Released with Dynamic Motion Improvements
Caster CAD 3-D Mobile App
Web-Based Manufacturing Resource Planning and Execution System
3-D Analysis in PDF Models
CAM for Feature-Based Programming
Online Workflow Evaluation Tool for Small Manufacturers
New CNC Metalcutting Technologies Can Provide a Competitive Edge
Romi Selects Glassbeam's Manufacturing IoT Solution for Machine Data Analytics
New Shop Floor Data Display
Easier Access to Materials Data Within CAD, CAE and PLM Systems
The Latest Version Industrial Measurement Software
New Features in Nesting Software Including Waterjet
Optimize Handling of Large Assemblies
CAD Software Adds New Dynamic Modeling Functions
Industrial Strength Tablet Launched
Cutting Tool Data Now Available on the Machining Cloud
New Data Collection and Visualization Software
Advanced File Conversion Capability
New Cost Estimating Software Version Adds Automated Feature Recognition
Enhance Interoperability of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Software
New ABB RobotStudio App in the Okuma App Store
Waterjet Cutting CAM Software Generates Tool Paths from 3-D Models
New Version of CAM/CAD Suite Includes Functions for 2-D, 5-Axis Machining
Multi-Channel Viewer Free Productivity App
Warehouse Control Software Now Offers Pick-to-Light Integration
CNC IT-Integration Software for Machine Tools to Include New Applications
Updated Native Data Translators for CAM Software
Tool Queue Feature Reduces Cycle Times
Machining Simulation Features Increased Machining Process Analysis
New Software Module for Tool Management
MES Software Available as Add-on License
Automated Inspection Across the Manufacturing Enterprise
Improvements for Milling, Turning and Wire EDM
WinTool Now Available on the Machining Cloud
New 6-Axis Force Control Software for High-Speed Precision Assembly
Quality Data Management Software Simplifies Reporting
Updated CAD Software
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Improvements for Milling, Turning and Wire EDM

M & H probing

Collision avoidance by checking Link moves between all Milling cycles

Enhanced Multi-Spindle Lathe Set-Up

Advanced 5-Axis Port Machining Cycle

Wire EDM Corner Relief

EWS Slot

The latest release of Edgecam's manufacturing software contains a number of new and enhanced CAD and CAM functionality for milling, turning and wire EDM. Highlights include an upgrade to the multi-spindle lathe set-up, a new port machining module for its 5-axis cycle, and time savings through the enhanced hole cycle. Overall, Edgecam 2015 R2 has around 50 items of new and enhanced functionality.

The Lathe Set-Up command has been enhanced, allowing for clearer definition of main and sub-spindle components. This leads to a better understanding of which machining features are active, and means multiple transfers can be made between spindles.

The new Spindle Set-Up command makes it easier to edit the sequence window. Also, the sub-spindle part can be machined away from its home position.

The Advanced 5-Axis Cycle capability has a new Port Machining module, offering both roughing and finishing strategies. The toolpath reaches the full area with a single path, offering two types of cut patterns.

Using the enhanced Hole Cycle in Edgecam 2015 R2 gives significant time savings. Where voids or intersecting holes are detected, the toolpath is automatically adjusted, increasing the feedrate while the tool is not cutting. The NC output is adjusted using the high feedrate of the machine tool.

Enhancements have been made to Edgecam's internal modeling software, Edgecam Workflow Solids (EWS). For the rapid creation of uniform profiles, EWS has introduced a Slotting Tool command, which quickly adopts any profile shape, adding width and depth to the feature. Fillets and corner blends are also supported.

Edgecam 2015 R2 introduces the ability to automatically add dimensional constraints in EWS through the Sketch Analysis command. Users save time when creating sketches extracted from DXF/DWG files.

Wire EDM benefits from further advanced controls for Edgecam's 2- and 4-axis Wire EDM machining cycles. Not only has Corner Relief been added, but the system now offers four variants of the command. For example, where a razor sharp edge is required on external corners, the Loop control is selected. Choosing Circle creates relief on an internal corner.

Since its initial release, the Edgecam Wire EDM cycle has supported interruptions to the wire path in order to introduce Glue Stops, or tags. This command has been enhanced in 2015 R2, automatically producing multiple tags for large, heavy or complex parts.

The latest release delivers additional collision avoidance by checking Link moves between all Milling cycles. Link moves are now automatically checked against Stock and Fixtures, with the tool retracting to a safe height where collisions are detected.

In addition, the items of new and enhanced functionality include support for M & H probing, simulation of screw threads, new machine tool configuration for turning on milling machines, CAD links for Creo Parametric files and support for lathes with sub-spindles offset from centerline.

Edgecam 2015 R2 supports touch probes from M & H. Users can measure workpieces and simulate the probe movements with six individual probing cycles. Each cycle has also been enhanced with eight new functions, giving a wider choice of inspection data.

Machine simulation of thread cutting has been introduced into the new release, allowing users to view and analyze thread forms created by the Thread Turn cycle. It gives a choice of viewing an accurate representation of the thread or a pictorial image.

Enhanced machine tool configuration ensures manufacturers can avoid potential collisions while machining on lathes with main and sub spindles. The sub-spindle locations can be repositioned using the new Offset X Location function. And with the increasing popularity in mill-turn machines, further evolution in Machine Tool configurations means users can now create table-table, head-table and nutated table-table machines, including TNC control.

Finally, with new support for Creo Parametric files, users can now launch Edgecam from within Creo Parametric. The resulting file contains valuable manufacturing information, including thread data.

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