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Improved Wire EDM Machines

The improved GE-SAi and GE-SAiL AccuteX CNC wire EDM machines from Absolute Machine Tools feature ergonomic enhancements and a choice of either traditional ball screw (SAi) or AccuteX linear motion (SAiL) axis drive systems.

GE (Great Economy) series machines are engineered for reliable, economical production of small parts and components. The new ergonomic, space-saving design includes a drop door and 3-sided table, (back rail optional) as well as AccuteX patented fully annealing automatic wire threading (AWT) and the ability to perform submerged machining up to 8" (195 mm) deep. Both the GE-SAi and GE-SAiL series come in both traditional ball screw and linear motor design.

"GE-SAiL takes the economy of the GE series to a whole new level of performance and value," said a company spokesperson. With the implementation of the AccuteX linear motor, the GE-SAiL offers capabilities such as S-Cut Fine Finish Skimming (9 Ra µin surface finish), enhanced Lead in/out Control to eliminate witness marks at the entry and exit points and 10% faster cutting.

Model GE-43SAi, GE-43SAiL and GE-43F machines have X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis travels of 15.75" (393 mm), 11.81" (295 mm) and 8.66" (216 mm), respectively. U-axis and V-axis travels are 2.36" (59 mm). Axis travels are identical for the larger GE-53SAi machine, with the exception of greater 19.50" (487 mm) travel in X. Maximum workpiece size (XYZ) is 29.52" x 24.80" x 8.46" (738 mm x 620 mm x 211 mm) for all models except the GE-53i, which can handle 32.67" (816 mm) in X and 1,300 lbs. of weight.

Steve Ortner, President and Owner of Absolute Machine Tools, said, "These updated AccuteX wire EDMs expand upon the GE series' reputation as an economical machine wrapped in a reliable high performance package. Enhanced ergonomic function speeds production, and the choice of ball screw or linear drive enables shops to tailor performance and economy to their specific budget and needs."

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