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Micro Grooving and Threading Inserts

GenSwiss multidec grooving inserts are designed for radially or axially creating micro grooving features. The radial and axial micro grooving inserts can create features as small as .05 mm wide and .25 mm wide respectively. When paired with a Cut1600 Series multidec insert orientated at 45°, the Cut 1611-45 micro grooving insert creates a highly accurate axial face groove with no edge wear. The Cut 1600 series holders are designed to provide the optimal amount of holding material at just the right places of force contact, thereby creating a tight hold on the insert and eliminating chatter. Both types of grooving inserts can be coated in one of several types of coatings optimized for cutting in steel, stainless steel, titanium and titanium alloys, as well as nonferrous stringy materials.

"GenSwiss multidec micro threading inserts come in a range of full profile metric sizes and provide a superior finish. Super small pitch sizes can be created down to .06 mm with an angle of 60°. GenSwiss always carries these inserts in stock, reducing the time till customers have these high performance inserts in their machines and making chips," said a company spokesperson. ANSI standard threading inserts are also available with pitch sizes ranging from 20 to 80 threads per inch with various coatings available for cutting hard metals, alloys and nonferrous materials.

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