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Touch Probes and Tool Setters for Precise Measurement

The Marposs Diamond line series of touch probes and VTS tool setter are designed for highly precise measurement requirements.

The Mida Diamond line of high precision machine tool touch probes and tool setters are designed to control every step of the production process. Mida Diamond touch probes featuring piezo-electric technology and are designed for high accuracy, 5-axes machining centers and milling machines. These probes, available in wired, optical or radio transmission styles, provide enhanced measurement performance on 3-D surfaces with repeatability within 0,25 µm and are well suited to industries where precision requirements are pushed to the limits daily, such as die and mold, aerospace, aeronautics and biomedical.

Advantages of this probing line include reduced machining and checking times, increased production efficiency, reduced production rejects and constant machining quality level during the entire production process.

Through automatic detection of machine axes position, these probes achieve part positioning, workpiece orientation and origin identification as well as accurate part measurement. Relying upon a special filter, these probes can distinguish false-triggering events from actual touch events to provide better performance than other high precision probes, which might be sensitive to noise and vibrations.

The Mida Diamond visual tool setter (VTS) applies vision technology using a video camera to detect tool dimensions, particularly those of micro-tools, and for complex measurements such as those found in biomedical and dental.

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