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Lower Roller Nest Conversion Kit for EDMs

MC Machinery has introduced the new Van-TG Lower Roller Nest Conversion Kit. With this kit, users can quickly upgrade their Mitsubishi EDM FA Series machine(s) lower roller housing to the new Van-TG replaceable nest developed for Mitsubishi's latest MV Series EDMs. "This kit enables users to reduce downtime, increase productivity and eliminate wire grooves from scraping," said a company spokesperson.

Over time, the lower roller housing in an EDM may get grooves due to wear, which can cause issues with threading and general cutting. The conversion kit allows users to replace the nest in the roller bearing housing within minutes. "This eliminates hours of costly manual work and machine downtime," said the spokesperson.

Unlike replacing the roller housing, no additional alignment is required when replacing the Van-TG Lower Roller Nest. The removal nest can just be checked and replaced during regular recommended maintenance to make sure there is no wear present.

For more information contact:

Consumable Products Group (CPG)

Division of MC Machinery Systems, Inc.

85 Northwest Point Blvd.

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007



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