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Explosion Proof Pneumatic Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum

The Larson Electronics EPV-PN-2G-SS explosion proof pneumatic vacuum is suitable for use in locations where flammable substances are present or may stand to exist.

Larson Electronics has released an explosion proof wet/dry HEPA pneumatic vacuum with a two-gallon tank. This spark-free unit is suitable for use in flammable locations and provides 100-170 CFM of vacuum flow depending on inlet pressure.

The EPV-PN-2G-SS features a two-gallon recovery tank and 80 PSI of inlet pressure with a 1/2" I.D. hose. For adequate inlet flow, a rate of 70 CFM is required. When the unit is in use, the vacuum offers a maximum of 250" water lift vacuum pressure, which is adjusted to 160" of water lift when a relief valve is in place, which prevents tank collapse. "Users should note that the noise levels could reach 75 dBA at 90 PSI inlet pressure," said a company spokesperson.

The vacuum is made of enhanced stainless steel and comes with the tank, wand and Stage 2 Intermediate HEPA filters. A backpack kit is available at an additional cost. This unit is rated for use in Class I, Division 1 and 2, Groups A, B, C and D; Class II, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups E, F and G. Suitable applications for this vacuum include use in commercial and industrial work sites, wet locations and more.

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