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ESD Flooring

SelecTech, Inc., manufacturer of innovative flooring products, offers a new iteration of its FreeStyle ESD 8400 Series.

The FreeStyle ESD 8400 Series features a surface made of Statguard 8400 conductive vinyl. This conductive vinyl surface has a more vinyl-rich composition, which gives it a brighter finish and makes it easier to scrub and buff back to a shine if it gets abused (which is often in most factory environments).

In addition to the brighter finish, the 8400 Series is available in the 12 following colors: brown, white, gray, blue, green, maroon, black, reverse brown, reverse gray, reverse blue, reverse green and reverse black.

"The ESD qualities are why facilities managers are purchasing the floor. More and more the aesthetics and ergonomics are playing a larger factor in the decision," said Thomas Ricciardelli, President of SelecTech, Inc. makers of StaticStop products. "The 8400 Series features speckled design patterns in more colors than you will typically find in ESD flooring. In addition, it features all the other qualities our customers have come to appreciate."

StaticStop's ESD products are designed to minimize static electricity and are made using recycled material and are 100% recyclable. These materials create a static-controlled environment that is suitable for industries that significantly utilize electronics and sensitive data like electronics manufacturing, communications, aerospace, biotech, healthcare industries and other high-tech industries.

"Additionally, StaticStop flooring employs a breakthrough interlocking technology that dramatically reduces installation times, completely bypassing the need for adhesives and floor prep to install or replace flooring," said a company spokesperson. Because machinery does not have to be completely moved or removed for installation, downtime for businesses can be minimized or even eliminated altogether.

For more information contact:

SelecTech, Inc.

33 Wales Avenue, Suite F

Avon, MA 02322


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