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Ambient Tower Dust Collector

Avani Environmental offers a line of ambient air dust collectors. The ATAC, Avani Tower Air Cleaner, is a self-contained system with vertical positioned filters. The up-flow design along with venturi assist automatic reverse jet pulse cleaning provide ideal material release and favorable filter life. Units are specifically designed for ambient air cleaning applications and are equipped with adjustable discharge nozzles to deliver desired airflow velocities.

Multiple configurations are used to develop precise airflow patterns for facility-wide air circulation. These systems are suitable when there are atypical processes, limited access or material handling equipment that does not permit the use of more local control solutions. The ATAC system recirculates an entire facility's air, captures impurities and returns clean air, eliminating the need for expensive make-up air or complex ducted systems.

Applications include welding, grinding, surface finishing and other operations that require a reduction of airborne particulate.

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