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Laser Precision Drill for Micro Hole Drilling

BOLD Laser Automation, Inc. has announced its LPD1200 laser precision drill platform. The laser system is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for U.S. domestic filtration, inkjet and medical device manufacturers who are looking to add tools for new opportunities in such applications as pulmonary drug delivery, atomization, filtration, inkjet nozzles and other critical drug delivery applications.

LPD1200 can be configured with various laser technologies to meet specific material processing requirements. It is outfitted with a precision galvanometer scanner with 150 mm x 150 mm field size and X-Y table configurations up to 30" x 30". Other material handling including roll to roll and bowl feeding are available.

LPD1200 provides modular process heads that shift the tool from drilling holes down to 1.25 micron and upwards to >0.5 mm.

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