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All-in-One Precision Laser Machining

UNITED GRINDING offers its EWAG LASER LINE PRECISION production center, providing all-in-one laser machining of blades, cavities and chip grooves in CBN, PCD and CVD-D tool materials. "The machine provides an alternative to conventional grinding and eroding methods, which often cannot achieve the precision necessary to create complex cutting contours and narrow tool tolerances in challenging materials. The LASER LINE PRECISION's Laser Touch Machining technology produces crack-free diamond blades and complex cutting contours, as well as inner edges and radii that hold the tightest tolerances," said a company spokesperson.

With five mechanical axes, two optical axes and short-pulse fiber-laser technology, the EWAG LASER LINE PRECISION is designed to handle all aspects of diamond tool production in a single clamping. Automatic axis calibration and a 3D measuring probe with soldering error detection provide accurate production of rotationally symmetrical tools up to 7.87" in diameter and 9.84" long, along with single-clamping production of indexable cutting insert diameters from 0.12" inscribed to 1.97" circumscribed.

An industrial 20W short-pulse fiber laser, which produces a 532 Nm green wavelength and 1.5 nanosecond pulse duration, makes the LASER LINE PRECISION suitable for processing superhard materials. With a short pulse application time, the laser feeds energy to the tool before plasma effects appear in the machining area.

The EWAG LASER LINE PRECISION's halved wavelength doubles photon energy in the machining area, increasing ablation rate with the same laser output of conventional 1,064 Nm lasers. Increased absorption properties, especially in semi-transparent CVD-D materials, make the shorter wavelength advantageous for machining diamond materials.

"EWAG's patented Laser Touch tangential laser beam machining enables the LASER LINE PRECISION to process high-quality cutting edges and cutting geometries efficiently," said the spokesperson. The outer surface of the laser beam shapes the surface of a tool while the laser scanning unit's repetitive hatching pattern and the mechanical axes' simultaneous travel movement produce the cutting joint.

The EWAG LASER LINE PRECISION's FANUC control provides an intuitive human machine interface (HMI) that contains all relevant data views. The control includes EWAG's LaserSoft software package and LaserPro 3D plug-in, proprietary solutions that handle laser and machine control for quick and easy programming, even in complex applications. For increased productivity, the machine can accommodate peripheral automation equipment, including a FANUC 6-axis folding-arm robot with various gripper systems.

"With a 53.8 sq. ft. footprint, the EWAG LASER LINE PRECISION offers a smaller, more affordable option for shops that seek all-in-one laser processing of diamond cutting tools," said the spokesperson.

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