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Magnetic Separator Line for Removing Metal Fines and Chips

Keller Products, A Division of Plastic Design, Inc. and a provider of coolant filtration and recycling systems, has introduced an expanded offering of inline magnetic separators for removing ferrous particles from water based coolant or straight oils. The magnetic elements fit standard size liquid housings, which allows for a wide range of product choices and keeps the cost of the assemblies affordable.

"When we first investigated the inline magnetic filter options several years ago, our intent was to find products for re-sale," said Jonathan Strauss, VP of Sales and Marketing for Keller Products. "What we found were some older designs that were rather cumbersome to deal with for our applications. We did find designs that were technically sound, but were priced in such a way that made them difficult to justify to our customers. Faced with a need but no viable options available, we embarked on developing our own line."

Keller magnetic separators employ two 5,000 Gauss rare earth magnetic rods for maximum particle removal capabilities. These dual rod packages are sized to fit conventional liquid filter housings. Plastic or stainless housings are available. These assemblies are suitable for machine mounted, point-of-use applications. They are used extensively in the firearms and automotive manufacturing markets. They are also suitable for use by machine tool distributors and OEM accounts.

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