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High-Performance Grinding Oil

oelheld has introduced a high-performance grinding oil, ToolGrind TC-X 620. The fluid is based on additive technology borrowed from oelheld's flagship SintoGrind series. ToolGrind TC-X 620 is formulated with refined base oils that offer good viscosity and temperature characteristics combined with low misting and aromatic content.

ToolGrind's fortified additive package allows the oil to perform well under extreme pressure. Its active agents offer favorable cooling, wetting and lubrication. None of the additives contain chlorine, silicone or heavy metals and they are all non-toxic.

ToolGrind TC-X 620 is designed to promote clean grinding wheels, low grinding temperature and less wheel wear. It prohibits workpiece corrosion and is suitable for most filtration systems. The operative range covers all high-speed grinding operations, such as profile, groove and surface grinding, with CBN, diamond or silicon carbide wheels. ToolGrind TC-X 620 is suitable for use with tungsten carbide, HSS, PCD, CBN, cermet and ceramics.

Features of ToolGrind TC-X 620 include:

  • Protection against cobalt leaching
  • Low foaming
  • Increased surface finish
  • Enhanced ageing
  • Flushing and cooling properties
  • Low evaporation and misting
  • High flash point
  • Physiologically safe
  • Pleasant odor.

For more information contact:

oelheld U.S., Inc.

1100 Wesemann Dr.

West Dundee, IL 60118


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