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Conveyor Technology Update Cleans Coolant to 25 Micron Nominal

Mayfran International offers ConSep 2000-25, an update to its ConSep Conveyor Technology. This separation technology is designed to extend coolant life and maximize uptime in machine tool applications.

ConSep 2000-25 cleans coolant to 25 micron nominal, cutting in half the 50 micron achievable by previous ConSep technology. "The improvement can help machine tool operators in a variety of applications extend coolant life, improve precision and performance and eliminate downtime," said a company spokesperson.

"Machining has become increasingly precise and demanding," said Neb Petrovic, Director of Machine Tool Products, Mayfran International. "We identified the market need for enhanced filtration technology to meet those demands, and we are confident that the ConSep 2000-25 meets that need. The better the filtration, the more precise and accurate a machine tool can become to deliver the highest possible quality product."

The ConSep 2000-25 features:

  • The ability to handle most chip types and materials, including difficult strings and turnings
  • Self-cleaning drum technology for easy maintenance
  • Design enhances drum protection
  • Compatible with high machine flow rates.

ConSep 2000-25 separation technology is available in new machines and can be retrofitted onto existing ConSep 2000 machines.

For more information contact:

Mayfran International

6650 Beta Drive

Cleveland, OH 44143-0038


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