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Oil-Free Stamping Fluid

IRMCO has introduced IRMCO FLUIDS 323-00K and IRMCO FLUIDS 109-00J - the newest additions to its fully, oil-free stamping fluid lines.

IRMCO FLUIDS 323-00K is designed to provide medium to heavy duty utility on steels ranging from 200Mpa - 1GPa tensile strengths, 300 and 400 series stainless steels and some 5000 and 6000 series aluminum alloys - all without the use of chlorine or sulfur containing additives.

This new, multi-metal capable product can be mixed and applied easily and uniformly via roller or spray and is compatible with conventional, low temperature and TMC surface treatment systems. IRMCO FLUIDS 323-00K is particularly well suited for automotive support and framing structures and wheel stamping - affording enhanced tool protection and "weld-through" characteristics.

IRMCO FLUIDS 109-00J is a medium-duty stamping fluid particularly suited for appliance and automotive framing stamping processes. IRMCO FLUIDS 109-00J is designed to be compatible with porcelain enameling and automotive e-coat surface preparation. Light to medium-duty stamping of enameling steel, steels with tensile strengths from 200Mpa - 600MPa and light-duty stamping of stainless steels can be performed with this versatile fluid.

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