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Electronic Control, PLC Integration for Precision Lubrication Systems

"Precision lubrication systems from AMCOL combine equipment with high-grade concentrates for optimum performance, cost control and low environmental impact," said a company spokesperson.

AMCOL Corporation has added electronic control and programmable logic controller (PLC) integration to its 6000 Series Precision Lubrication Systems for true minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). "MQL incorporates extremely accurate spray equipment that places minute amounts of concentrated lubricants onto the cutting tool/workpiece interface to maximize tool life and provide a near dry environment," said a company spokesperson. Applications include sawing, machining, forming, piercing and stamping.

By adding electronic control, AMCOL's 6000 Series can be programmed through a PLC to provide an increased level of control over the amount and timing of lubricant application, permitting more precise MQL application. The injector used in the 6000 Series can dispense liquid in as little as 20 ms. "This immediate reaction time can keep up with quick and demanding machine cycle rates, and PLC control means it happens only when needed," said the spokesperson.

The PLC control also allows "recipe" programming for today's flexible short run manufacturing environment. This updated technology can be programmed for different tooling, operation speed, part size and metals and alloys in the same machine.

CANMIST high-performance concentrates are specifically developed for minimum quantity and maximum performance. These high-grade lubricants do not require dilution, making fluid management easier and less expensive.

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