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Simulation and Automation to Get Companies Up and Running Fast

Full Line Status Screen: A new easy-to-understand graphic representation of the line enables the operator to simply touch the area of the line to which they want to navigate.

Work Roll Simulation Screen: In addition to digital displays, this visual provides operators a better understanding of what is happening inside the straightener.

Diagnostic Screen: This visual provides an overview of the entire ethernet communications from the PLC instead of having to walk over to the panel to see which drive is faulting. If there is an issue, problem areas turn red for easy troubleshooting.

COE Press Equipment offers a brochure on its advanced PLC controls. The PLC controls are designed to maximize productivity even before the start of production. "New loop and press simulation capabilities allow us to test, debug and perform a complete start-up on our floor prior to shipping," said a company spokesperson. "This ensures equipment performance for your materials, as well as decreasing set-up time at your facility by half or more. Plus, our new user-friendly HMI logically guides operators through the set-up process with COE's Work Roll Advisor and Feed Roll Advisor software embedded into the system, helping to save time on set-up and changeover."

New features include:

  • Loop Simulation-Emulates material to see how the straightener reacts to changes from the feed
  • Press Simulation-Simulates press with SPM changes, feed angles, pilot, start feed, press at the bottom, etc. to ensure the system meets requirements
  • On the Fly-This automatically changes the feedrate to adapt to the press speed
  • Direct Speed Enable-Straightener automatically hits target speed at the first stroke
  • Work Roll Simulation-Visual guide to help operators see what is happening inside the straightener
  • Work Roll Advisor-Automates straightener set-up
  • Feed Advisor-Automates feed set-up
  • Smart Speed-Automatically adjusts to optimal line speed based on press speed and feed window (requires ethernet connection with press)
  • Ethernet Diagnostics-Allows operators to see in real time any connection failures between devices
  • Pictorial Main Menus-Operators can easily navigate to machine specific control screens by selecting an image of the machine they wish to operate.

Additional features:

  • Redesigned user-friendly HMI
  • 10" VGA touchscreen
  • 100-job memory storage
  • Password protected job editing
  • Multi-language capability
  • Multi-function diagnostic display
  • Manual or automatic setting options.

For more information contact:

COE Press Equipment

40549 Brentwood

Sterling Heights, MI 48310


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