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Signature Parts Series for Manufacturing Community

CNC Software, Inc. has launched the Mastercam Signature Parts Series to benefit CAD/CAM manufacturers. The series was initiated to showcase the power of Mastercam through the manufacturing process using realistic parts. Each part is designed to keep Mastercam resellers, customers and partners informed about new features, best practices, tips and tricks and special applications related to the Mastercam product.

"The art of machining is more than just CAM. It is process planning, fixture design, tool selection, toolpath creation, machine set-up and machining. Our Manufacturing Lab allows us to go through this whole process to truly test our software in a shop environment," said Strategic Technical Specialist Karlo Apro.

Apro leads the development of the Mastercam Signature Parts Series. His role is to plan, design, collect, review and help deploy the series. He coordinates efforts between departments, gathers feedback from the field and makes changes in a continuous endeavor to deliver relevant new materials to the manufacturing community.

The Signature Parts Series will continue to develop and already includes many parts such as a chain guard, spiral staircase tread, hot runner nozzle, aerospace latch, optical mount and more. These specially selected parts provide effective demonstration of many of the capabilities of Mastercam to streamline and advance CAD/CAM for manufacturing. In several video segments, applications engineers (AEs) from the Mastercam Manufacturing Lab present various new, popular and important features in Mastercam.

According to Apro, "Our AEs are instructed to use creative ways of manufacturing using all the power of Mastercam. We are constantly testing the software and cutting parts. Now through the Signature Parts Series, we can share our experience in ways that enable us to help the manufacturing community learn more about the capabilities of Mastercam in a practical context."

"The Signature Parts Series is the most effective way for us to communicate the wide and varied functionality of Mastercam to our customer base, through a collection of different media types," said Sandy Moffat, Chief Market Officer.

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