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Increasing Profitability by Recycling Metalworking Fluids

A white paper from the experts at Eriez describes the many benefits for shops that choose metalworking fluid recycling over disposal. In addition to economic advantages, the paper explains how opting to recycle metalworking fluids improves air quality, enhances machine tool performance, eliminates bacteria and minimizes odors.

"How to Increase Profits by Recycling Metalworking Fluids," written by Eriez Director of Heavy Industry Darrell Milton and Eriez Fluid Recycling Product Manager Ron Wendt, is available for download from the company's website.

According to the white paper, shops can save up to 60% in coolant costs by removing tramp oils and solids. Recycling fluids also eliminates potential future liability for coolant that is disposed of improperly since federal and state authorities can hold the generator of the waste accountable for cleanup costs, even if disposal was handled by a certified company.

The paper says that removing small fines leads to better tool life and parts finish as well as reduced machine tool wear. Recycled fluids create less oil mist in the air, which improves air quality and reduces dangerous moisture on floors. These factors contribute to improved productivity and an overall safer workplace environment.

"How to Increase Profits by Recycling Metalworking Fluids" provides details regarding the machinery utilized for metalworking fluid recycling. It explains that a sump cleaner filters the fluid it removes from the sump, making it possible to pump the filtered fluid back into the sump. This reduces costs associated with purchasing new coolant concentrate and handling disposal. Customers using a sump cleaner typically see a return on investment in just a few months.

As stated in the conclusion of the white paper, acceptable solutions and the accompanying equipment to keep fluids clean are numerous and depend on the complexity of the manufacturing process. Fluid recycling equipment options include sump cleaners, coolant recycling systems, high speed centrifuges, coalescers, oil skimmers, permanent magnet filters and magnetic chip conveyors.

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