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Corrosion Solutions Help Molders Maintain High-Dollar Assets

"Even as automakers and other manufacturing industries start to go back to work, it is unclear how soon supply and demand forces will catch up with each other," said a Cortec spokesperson. "This could have a delayed effect on the tool and die industry until enough demand builds up to warrant full capacity production of auto parts and other castings. In the meantime, moldmakers and users are left with high-dollar tooling that needs protection. Even in good economic times, the tool and die industry needs practical solutions to maintain high-dollar assets rust-free. Cortec's industry-specific corrosion solutions offer vast improvements on methods of the past."

Cortec's EcoAir 325 Tool & Die Rust Preventative is a newer product on the market that is designed to replace messier and more cumbersome means of tool and die rust prevention. "Molders commonly have trouble with rust preventatives that clog mold pores and must be cleaned off with solvents prior to mold use," said the spokesperson. "In contrast, EcoAir 325 Tool & Die Rust Preventative does not need to be cleaned off and even offers its own degree of moisture-displacing cleaning action for removing grease, oils, adhesives and water deposits from the metal surface. It is packaged in EcoAir bag-on-valve air-powered spray cans that allow easy atomization over large mold surface areas without the use of traditional chemical propellants."

EcoAir 325 Tool & Die Rust Preventative is designed to protect molds at any time-in the middle of a pandemic shutdown or as part of routine maintenance for molds that are temporarily on the shelf waiting for the next job. Because it does not have to be removed before the mold can be used, EcoAir 325 is advantageous for die makers or molders who want to protect tooling right up to the time of service without requiring extra cleanup before use.

For deeper storage or shipping of molds in outdoor conditions, MilCorr VpCI Shrink Film is recommended. "When molders are forced to store large dies outdoors due to space constraints, they often have to de-rust the molds before they can be used again," said the spokesperson. "The heavy-duty plastic film contains active corrosion inhibitors and provides extra durable protection against outdoor elements such as wind, rain and UV exposure. Combined with EcoAir 325 Tool & Die Rust Preventative and VpCI-308 Pouches for supplementary protection of large internal voids, it presents an excellent preservation package for costly molds and dies in outdoor storage or overseas shipment. The film can simply be cut off and recycled when the mold is needed."

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