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January 2023

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Sub-Micron Magnetic Lubricant Filters

"Machined components requiring high tolerances need super clean coolants," said an Innovative Magnetics spokesperson. "Sub-micron contaminants not easily visible can cause havoc in machining lubricants. They either pass through traditional filters or clog openings in super fine filters, and they require frequent costly replacement."

To meet this need, the company offers sub-micron magnetic filters

Sub-micron magnetic filters have no disposable parts, screens or other filter media. They are not traditional filters with magnets.

The magnet is the entire filter specifically designed to magnetically attract and remove sub-micron contaminants like ferrous, stainless steel and others.

"Maximizing effectiveness, the Sub-Micron Magnetic Lubricant Filter incorporates the highest strength magnets commercially available: Super Nova 52 Mega Gauss Rare Earth Magnets," said the spokesperson.

Optionally available sanitary inlet and outlet fittings, plus interior surface finishing of the all stainless steel housing, make harmful legionella bacteria unlikely, the company reported.

For more information contact:

Bob Wysol

Innovative Magnetics


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