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System Grip Vises

The FCS self centering vises require no preliminary machining of the rough workpiece. Minimal compact gripping mechanism starts at 2.5 mm, or a higher 5 mm version is also available to hold the part. The forces generated to clamp the workpiece are divided between two axis lines, resulting in minimal deformation of the part.

The gripping jaws come in a variety of sizes and feature two interchangeable independent inserts. The different insert types can be selected for rough nonfinished surfaces through finished surface applications.

The grip vises are also available in mono-sliding and a double fix version. This set-up provides for maximum adaptability to the dimension and shape of the workpiece.

The vises are easily positioned on the FCS M16 50 mm grid system, M12 25mm grid system, smaller pallet selections or raised on FCS body systems. Workpieces are easily clamped and centered within a position accuracy of +/-.02 mm.

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