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Multipurpose Milling-Boring Machine

SORALUCE FP floor-type milling-boring machine

Soraluce, specializing in the design, engineering and building of milling, boring, multitasking and automated solutions, showcased some of its most innovative technology concepts at IMTS, such as the traveling column boring mill, SORALUCE FP.

"SORALUCE FP is a multipurpose milling-boring machine, offering high versatility and productivity for large component machining, raising productivity by providing maximum cutting capacity and flexibility," said a company spokesperson. "Customers realize improvements in maintenance, ergonomics and safety in the work environment, along with energy consumption savings of more than 30%. Its rigid design provides the highest precision and productivity benefits when machining large components."

The FP milling-boring machine offers high performance machining results due to its high dynamic driving system, with speeds that reach up to 35,000 mm/min, and a combined guiding and damping system offering enhanced power and cutting speed capabilities.

The machine's modular design offers versatility and can be equipped with a number of optional accessories and wide range of milling-boring heads, enabling the machine to be adapted to customers' needs while delivering the optimal metal removal efficiency and precision.

Furthermore, since it is a floor type machine, the work area can be configured according to the specific needs of each customer, with one or several workstations, making it possible to carry out simultaneous machining and part preparation operations, facilitating pendulum machining with several work areas that help ensure zero downtime. The SORALUCE FP can integrate floor plates, angle plates, auxiliary tables, rotary or rotary-traveling milling tables and turning tables.

Due to its flat longitudinal axis design and low profile column connection, the machine center of gravity is kept low, enabling greater machine stability, reduced foundation costs, improved machine operation and ergonomic maintenance.

The machine has 126" vertical traverse, 63" cross traverse and 57 HP spindle power and is equipped high torque mechanical transmission multitasking universal head (milling, turning and grinding capability), providing head and spindle orientation at any angle.

The wide range of Soraluce milling-boring heads offers a customized solution for each application/operation, and automatic change of heads and tools minimizes downtime.

Smart Damping Solutions

Soraluce also offers smart damping solutions for increasing metal removal rates during machining.

DAS is a smart system that oversees the machining process and selects the best technological alternative to eliminate chatter. Fitted with a simple interface, this solution allows the evolution of the process to be controlled by providing comprehensive information on the chatter, the vibration level and the technologies used to suppress it, such as the active damping of the ram, the tuning of the optimum spindle speed of the tool and the harmonic oscillation of the spindle speed.

"This system allows productivity to be increased by up to 300%, maintain 100% cutting capacity throughout the whole of the machine's work volume, cut machining times by up to 45%, improve the surface quality of the machined workpieces, increase the tools' useful life and the long-term precision of the machine by reducing the wear of the internal components," said a spokesperson.

Soraluce also offers the Dynamic Workpiece Stabilizer (DWS) system, an active damping device that eliminates the chatter that is usually generated when machining flexible parts.

"This patented system provides an effective solution for the problems associated with machining slim-format parts and is an improvement on traditional alternatives," said the spokesperson. "One of its main benefits is a better surface finish in areas where the workpiece is more flexible, and the chance to boost productivity due to in-depth passes with no vibration problems. Its user friendliness, its adaptability to different workpieces and its portability are some of the other advantages of the device."

Select Machining Technologies (SMT) is the exclusive importer of Soraluce machine tools in the USA with sales and service support provided by a network of distributors that includes Morris, Hartwig, Gosiger and Arizona CNC.

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