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Fast Clamping Device Changeover

Hainbuch's centroteX S clamping device changeover system features a diameter of 52 mm and small outer diameter of 224 mm, making it suited for machines with a small workspace.

Actuation takes place with just one screw, saving set-up time. This system was designed to enable a robot to quickly change the clamping device. With lesser tightening torque than is required with the large variant, the centroteX M, the centroteX S can be assembled more quickly with high repeatability and more ergonomic operation.

"The machine adapter is permanently mounted on the spindle," said a company spokesperson. "The adapter and the adapter counterpart that is equipped with the clamping device can be exchanged within the shortest time possible. The result: shorter set-up times, fast ROI and increased cutting times."

The centroteX systems can be utilized with either a Hainbuch supplied chuck or the customer's existing chuck.

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