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Change Jaws in Less Than One Minute with Power Chuck

SMW Autoblok has introduced the flexible, fully Proofline sealed KNCS-2G power chuck that allows users to change jaws in under one minute-reducing downtime during changeovers and saving companies time and money, the company reported.

Suited for lathe and mill-turn applications where frequent part changes are prevalent, the KNCS-2G features an optimized lubrication system with additional channels and grease pockets that are integrated into the jaw guide ways to allow the chuck to operate for three shifts before additional lubrication is needed. "The additional sealing and new lubrication system make the KNCS-2G suitable for mass production in all working conditions and ensure constant clamp force and extended life," said a company spokesperson.

The spokesperson continued, "The proven wedge bar system guarantees unmatched accuracy and rigidity. Plus, a low loss of grip force due to centrifugal force compensation, along with no counterbalance weights, makes the chuck ideal for high-speed application with no vibration."

The chamfered guide ways of the KNCS-2G are designed to allow for quick-change of jaws, making it flexible for operations needing multiple jaw changes and set-ups. The fully Proofline sealed chuck body, base jaws and wedge bars also provide additional protection against chips, lubricants and other debris.

The chuck body and internal parts are case hardened for increased chuck life and high rigidity, precision and durability. The KNCS-2G is interchangeable with the company's standard KNCS-N chucks, and existing master jaws can still be used without sealing. Sizes are available in 170 mm to 630 mm.

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