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Cast Iron Tooling Columns

Jergens' new single piece cast iron tooling columns are engineered to ensure rigidity for horizontal machining center productivity (shown here with ZPS quick change mounting option).

Jergens offers its newest cast iron tooling columns that are engineered to provide maximum rigidity. The key to this performance is single piece cast iron construction. These columns are made in the USA, increase horizontal machining potential and provide a solid basis for custom workholding to suit specific customer needs.

Several mounting options are possible, including direct, with center pin locating or edge locating, and also quick-change applications via ZPS with K20 pull studs and four module subplates. New column styles include square, cross and rectangular. The square and cross styles are suited for high density multipart fixtures or for incorporating multiple operations into a single column. The cross style allows the added benefit of increased spindle access near the column, eliminating the need for extra-long tools. The larger upright faces of the rectangular columns are suited for applications involving larger workpieces.

Column construction uses stress relieved, class 40 cast iron, with the base and sides milled flat, perpendicular and parallel within .001"/ft., providing an accurate foundation on which to set up workholding devices or quick-change systems. Other features include a center locating bore, inch and metric hole patterns and M12 lifting holes for secure hoist ring attachment.

With technical staff support, Jergens tooling columns are customizable as well as easily integrated into full custom design and build projects. Popular patterns and methods include tapped grid, bushed and tapped grid for modular fixturing applications, or for quick-change, add either Ball Lock receiver bushings or ZPS modules.

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