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High Precision Diaphragm Chucks for Turning, Grinding

Positrol Workholding offers a new line of OD Diaphragm Chucks with repeatability within .0001" TIR.

Positrol Diaphragm Chucks are primarily used for secondary operations, including hard turning and grinding. These chucks have no sliding parts to wear and are sealed against contamination. Designed to grip on the outside diameters, collet pads can be changed quickly to grip different part sizes. The design also offers pullback action to help maintain Z-axis location. Clamping actuation may be achieved by the diaphragm itself for thin-walled parts, or either the drawtube or internal pneumatic cylinder for higher clamping force requirements. Counterweights are easily added to allow for higher RPMs.

A wide array of chuck and mandrel designs are offered by Positrol, allowing for flexibility in tailoring a workholding solution that helps maximize machining efficiencies and workpiece accuracies. Positrol specializes in providing solutions for turning, grinding, balancing, milling and gear operations.

Positrol's complete product line includes:

  • Pos-A-Lock expanding mandrels
  • Chuck change systems
  • Hydraulic membrane chucks and arbors
  • Cartridge chucks and arbors
  • Drawdown chucks
  • Pullback collet chucks
  • Face clamping chucks
  • Swivel-grip chucks
  • Cincinnati collet pads and chucks.

For more information contact:

Positrol, Inc.

3890 Virginia Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45227


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