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Noncontact Measuring and Inspecting of Endless Stamped Products

Kistler's KVC 621-SE stamped part inspection cell equipped with digital camera technology is a universal and autonomously operating vision measuring system for 100% inspection of endlessly produced components. Predominantly, this system finds its application in production lines such as stamping, etching, laminating or injection molding lines and in rewinding processes.

Depending on the application, the modular design of the inspection cell allows the use of digital camera technology in black and white or color versions with a wide range of resolutions.

The combination of image processing computers with PCI-Express bus technology and digital camera technology enables high processing speeds for complex tasks in the transmitted and reflected light.

From the classic dimensional inspection at relevant areas to the complete contour inspection for sporadically occurring defects as well as the detection of surface defects, the user has a wide range of application-specific as well as process-oriented inspection commands at hand for the 100% inspection of products.

The system can be individually parameterized for the process step of defect detection. This allows the production machine to be stopped without interruption, and bad parts to be cut off or marked in the line.

The precisely adjustable strip guide, in conjunction with the integrated servo strip drive, allows gentle transport of the punched strip through the test cell. The continuous test sequence is confirmed by the upstream sag control which, together with the drive, provides automatic loop control. All that is required for process coupling is an enable signal (coupling ON/OFF) and the connection to the machine stop circuit from the press control system.

The automated execution of an auto calibration or a measuring system analysis (MSA 1 or 2) is possible at any time by means of sample strips, provided that the mechanical conditions are suitable for this.

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