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Stationary Analyzer for High-End Metal Analysis

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments offers the SPECTROLAB S LAS02 high-end arc/spark OES metal analyzer for process control and research applications. It is designed to provide fast measurements, high throughput, low limits of detection, long uptime and future-proof flexibility.

The SPECTROLAB S LAS02 features proprietary CMOS+T technology to identify and measure, with high accuracy and precision, all elements in incoming, in production and outgoing materials as well as in researching new materials. The analyzer is suited for primary and secondary metal producers, automotive and aerospace manufacturers and makers of finished and semi-finished goods.

SPECTROLAB S LAS02 features include:

  • Two dedicated optics to help ensure optimum resolution of challenging analytical lines. Each features CMOS detectors, temperature stabilization and pressure compensation.
  • An LDMOS plasma generator and ignition board that produces a stable spark and short measurement times. Examples: less than 20 seconds for low-alloy steel and under 12 seconds for main alloying elements in materials like iron, aluminum or copper.
  • A tunable argon system for flow savings that cuts consumption by up to 50% in standby mode and by 13% when measuring samples.
  • A low-maintenance spark stand to help ensure long uptime between cleanings-which is critical for high-throughput automation systems.
  • A GigE rapid readout system for high processing speeds for maximum data throughput and support of the analyzer's analytical performance.
  • Low limits of detection.
  • Intuitive, fully customizable Spark Analyzer Pro software that improves and extends operation.
  • Fast set-up requiring only five minutes and a single sample with SPECTRO's proprietary iCAL 2.0 standardization.

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