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Laser Alignment System

Pinpoint Laser Systems offers its latest laser alignment system, the Microgage PRO PLUS. Designed for ease of use, the Microgage PRO PLUS includes user instructions and the operations manual right on board for easy access.

The system operates with three primary components: a laser transmitter, a digital receiver and a state of the art "smart display." A precise laser beam forms a straight, constant reference line for a machine or assembly, and each receiver measures in two axial directions, horizontal and vertical (X/Y). The path of the laser beam can be a few inches up to 165', and the full color touchscreen display provides accurate readings to 0.0001".

Receivers are available in a variety of configurations, including wireless options that improve measuring range and durability and give users the advantage of not being tied down in the field. An onboard microprocessor provides step-by-step instructions for the user and allows for the storage of thousands of data points with accompanying notes, all inside a durable aluminum and polyurethane enclosure that is easy to manage in the field.

Using the three basic Microgage PRO PLUS components, long assemblies, machinery and fixtures can be easily measured and aligned with a high degree of precision over long distances. Adding other Microgage accessories enables the user to measure and align flatness, squareness, parallelism, bores, spindles and many other geometric parameters.

Pinpoint Laser also offers specialized kits that have been assembled in convenient configurations, useful for a vast range of industrial applications. Each kit features different accessories that allow engineers and manufacturing managers to expand the capabilities of their Microgage PRO PLUS to best fit their particular needs.

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