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Compact Optical Tool Setter for Small Applications

Marposs has expanded its visual tool setter (VTS) family with the new VTS SF-45 Compact, suited for noncontact, optical measurement of small, complex-shaped tools in constrained working spaces such as micro-machining, semi-conductor or moldmaking applications. The VTS SF-45 units are installed inside the machine working area to monitor actual tool working conditions without any contact while the tool is able to rotate at full spindle speed (up to 80k RPM) during data acquisition. Since there is no need to slow the spindle, pre-setting time can be reduced and measurement accuracy is increased to better eliminate collision hazards.

The VTS SF-45 acquires a variety of tool dimensions in a single instant using the principle of shadow projection where an illuminated object projects its shadow onto the camera. These measurements include tool length, static and dynamic tool diameter, the tool run-out and cutting-edge radius.

"With a resolution of 0.1 µm, the VTS enables measurement of tools with diameters as small as 10 µm with repeatability of 0.2 µm, providing a higher level of accuracy than touch probes or lasers in small applications," said a company spokesperson.

Additionally, the VTS SF-45 uses a frontal light to analyze the tool surface, displaying the illuminated surface on a PC monitor where the integrity of the cutting edges can be evaluated. The GUI software for VTS simplifies the measuring cycle process and documents the tool history, helping to quickly reveal damage in advance of the machining operation. The software can be fully integrated into Marposs touchscreen PCs (NEMO or Merlin+) or in a stand-alone version for PCs with Windows or Linux operating systems.

One of the main features of the VTS is its protection system, which enables enhanced measurement performance even in the presence of coolant or dust. Pneumatic shutters cover and protect the optical lens when VTS is not working, plus a patented air flow solution rejects chips and coolant drops, keeping the shutter side clean and protecting the optical lens when the shutter is open.

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