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Measurement Systems with OPC Unified Architecture

LaserLinc, Inc., a USA manufacturer of technology for precision measurement has introduced Diameter, Ovality, Eccentricity and Flaw Detection measurement, systems with OPC UA and DA communication.

All of LaserLinc's in-process and off-line measurement and control systems are now available with OPC, an industrial communications protocol, including the latest platform/operating system independent Universal Architecture (OPC-UA) standard. OPC-UA ensures measurement systems are compatible with Manufacturing 4.0 and IIoT.

In addition to data, users are able to access and modify configuration from any OPC-DA or OPC-UA compliant device or software, directly or remotely, without additional hardware or software.

"LaserLinc chose to offer OPC Client functions to simplify commissioning of systems and save money," said a spokesperson. Most OPC-UA compliant products, including sensors and PLCs, only offer Server functions, thus requiring a third-party gateway to bridge them. With its OPC Client, LaserLinc's Total Vu HMI can drive communication directly.

"This is a much better way to capture and move data, especially from different systems. The cost savings and ability to directly access and modify data is a game changer," said Jeff Kohler, CEO of LaserLinc. "All of our systems can be upgraded to OPC (UA or DA). With the remote support tools provided with our systems, upgrades can be performed over the internet by our team of applications engineers."

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LaserLinc Inc.

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