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More Than Just Gear Skiving

Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH's new series of gear skiving machines, the LK 180/280, enables chamfering during the machining process. "With this machine, users can produce internal gears with a defined chamfer," explained Dr. Oliver Winkel, Head of Applied Technology at Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH. "This is a world first. The 90° positioned chamfering device does not influence the cycle time and delivers deburred and chamfered workpieces."

"For us as gear specialists, it was important to be able to offer our customers new additional functions," said Winkel. "Our tool changer can accommodate up to 12 tools for different operations." Gear skiving tools for roughing and finishing, drilling and turning allow machining in a single workpiece clamping fixture. "This is of particular interest with position-orientated gears," explained Thomas Breith, Head of Product Management. "Beyond mass production, we can very clearly see a trend towards the integration of various work steps. The aim here is to reduce the set-up times of associated or adjacent machines, as well as the influence on workers."

"If reclamping is dispensed with, many operations become faster and more reliable," said a company spokesperson. "Holes can be drilled, for example, exactly at the position of the gear without the need for a reference point marking or renewed measurement. Particularly on ring gears for planetary gear sets, the reference journal (or reference hole) can be precision turned to match the gear so that one step of the operation can be dispensed with."

"The quality and accuracy of our gears are increasing because they always relate to the reference surfaces," added Winkel.

Integrated Tool Measurement in the Machine

Quality is also the main reason for tool measurement in the machine. "The gear skiving machine was developed with a view to the highest precision in all aspects," said Winkel. "By performing tool measurement in a clamped state in the spindle, higher process reliability and constant quality are achieved. External tool pre-settings are dispensed with and also the multiple administration of tool data becomes superfluous. This helps to avoid faults and eliminates inefficient procedures."

"Our larger LK 500 gear skiving machine was received very well by the market," said Thomas Breith. "We are extending the portfolio downwards with the new machine because many parts can also be machined on a smaller model. At the same time, we offer a package with additional options such as a tool changing system, multi-machining functions, tool measurement and chamfering during the machining process, that does not exist anywhere else."

Liebherr-Verzahntechnik offers the new gear skiving machine generation with various table and head variations in a modular system. The new series is set to cover the maximum workpiece diameters of 80, 180 and 280 in future and will be extended gradually.

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