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Claw Jaws Securely Grip Workpiece

Dillon Manufacturing's Claw Jaws, which are available for most commercial chucks, provide increased clamping pressures on OD and ID of the workpiece. This optimized contour, along with the jaw's weight, center of gravity and cutting forces, combine to minimize jaw clamping force loss.

Clamping depth can be varied using workpiece stops. Many sizes are available in standard versions from stock, yielding a large product clamping range. Designed to bite into the workpiece, they provide increased holding power during turning operations. Custom designs are available with no engineering fees.

The Claw Jaws are manufactured from 8620 steel for durability and long service life. An extensive product range is available to suit ID, OD and bar clamping applications. Made in the USA, Dillon Claw Jaws are designed for turning applications in any industry.

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