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CNC 4-Axis Engine Shop Machining Center

CENTROID offers its B4250 CNC block machine that features a tall column and wide machine base for enhanced cylinder block CNC boring and surfacing. It offers a heavy-duty rotary axis with BiSS encoder and dual brakes combined with rigid block fixturing. The machining center is equipped with a 24-tool automatic swing arm tool changer. According to the company, the B4250 can machine both blocks and parts.

"Conversational programming built into the system allows quick part programming right at the machine," said a company spokesperson. "The B4250 is a complete turnkey CNC engine block machining package. CENTROID supplies the accessories, tooling and the training so customers can quickly begin blueprinting and machining blocks.

"The CENTROID patented digitizing probe automatically determines the location, diameter and angle of any feature on the block. CENTROID offers easy preprogrammed conversational cycles. No G-code experience is necessary. The actual CNC blueprint information is displayed on the screen beside the factory information. Both a table and a graphic display show the operator the differences, who can then make the appropriate adjustments and automatically machine the block to the new specifications.

"Blueprinting any block begins by making accurate measurements of the existing features so corrections can be made. The CENTROID B4250 CNC block machine is equipped with a digitizing probe that automatically locates and measures cylinder bores (diameters, locations and angles), deck heights and lifter bores and any other feature of the block with its block specific conversational software. To measure an entire block, choose the features to blueprint and the probe automatically measures the block and displays the actual diameters and positions of the cylinder bores (and other features) and compares them to the factory specs. The operator then makes any necessary modifications.

"The CENTROID DP-4 probe can detect in all axes and directions. Since the probe is made by CENTROID, the entire probing system is integrated and streamlined into the CNC machine, making block digitizing and probing a quick and simple process. The same probe is used for setting part zero locations and 3D digitizing of any free form shape for replication or import into a CAD/CAM system."

The B4250 is equipped with a CENTROID CNC control. Features include Windows 7 OS, touch screen, Quad core, SSD, USB and Wifi. USB 2.0 ports are a standard feature of the PC-based CENTROID CNC control. The solid-state hard drive is designed for harsh environments.

The control is internet-ready, which allows remote support and diagnostics. A large color LCD screen features an anti-glare layer. The operator control panel has dedicated buttons for common machine functions. The included electronic remote hand wheel is designed to make block set-ups quick, accurate and easy. The operator turns the dial to move a machine axis. A selection of increments on the dial allows fine adjustments. The control stand itself allows an operator to stand or sit.

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