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Dynamic 5-Axis Machining

The HEC 800 X5 MT 5-axis machining center is designed to provide long-term workpiece accuracy in the micrometer range.

The Heckert HEC 800 X5 MT 5-axis machining center features a pallet size of 800 mm x 800 mm and a rapid-rotation table for turning. MT refers to the rapid-rotation table and X5 to the weighing table. It is a combined NC turning and swivel unit to provide 5-axis machining.

"The combination of highly dynamic 5-axis machining and turning operations allows efficient complete machining of complex workpieces on a single machine," said Product Manager Michael Melzer. "Reducing the number of clamping positions required and eliminating additional machining operations on other machines helps to cut unit production times and stoppages, as well as improve the production accuracy. This brings competitive advantages that allow the investment to be amortised relatively quickly."

"The machining center is distinctive for long-term workpiece accuracy (7ùm), even when changing between rough machining and finishing, and excellent production process reliability," said a company spokesperson. "Reduction of unit production times and stoppages, along with the use of energy-saving drive concepts, ensure a significant improvement in efficiency, leading to crucial cost reductions. The CNC FANUC 3i - a high-performance control system for complex machine applications with many axes - increases the machine tool's accuracy, reliability and operation even further. Users also have the option of acquiring the HEC 800 X5 MT with a Siemens SINUMERIK 840D sl."

The machine has three linear axes (XYZ) that deliver a rapid feed of up to 60 m/min and acceleration of 7 m/s2. The NC rotary table provides rapid rotation of 60 RPM, and up to 500 RPM for turning.

Another feature of the machining center is its safety management in case of a power failure. The "Safe Shutdown" option allows the axes to be brought to a controlled stop and then clamped. Hydraulic clamping of the rotation axes and a mechanical pallet clamping system provide additional security.

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