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Big Bore Lathes Feature Broader Range of Options

Toolmex Industrial Solutions, a supplier of European machine tools, has announced the addition of two new lathes to its TUR series: TUR630PMN and TUR 710PMN TRI-V. Both models of turning centers feature larger through bores and are built on the TUR630AMN 17" wide TRI-V bed for increased boring and turning accuracy.

The TUR630PMN and TUR710PMN TRI-V come in two swings and four center distances: 25" or 28" swing over bed x 40", 78", 118" or 157" bc for an expanded range of parts.

"Toolmex worked with the TUR factory to ensure the TUR-PMN series TRI-V bed lathes offer a wider range of options, making them suitable for higher production rates," said a company spokesperson. "Optional upgrades available include power steadies, hydraulic chucks, hydraulic tailstocks, power turrets (static or live tools), chip conveyor, manual 3-, 4- or 6-jaw lathe chucks, C-axis with live tools, follow rest, boring attachment and remote MPG. The safer guarding package and optional nesting doors will better protect the operator by controlling chips and coolant. Operators appreciate the TUR630PMN ergonomics and conversational programming compared to other lathes with same spindle bores."

Toolmex currently stocks a lathe range from 24" - 53" swing, 4.1" - 12.6" bores and beds capable of handling parts 78" - 236" between centers.

For more information contact:

Tom Kob

Toolmex Industrial Solutions

2015 South Mitchell Blvd.

Schaumburg, IL 60193-4543


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