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CVD Diamond Cutting-Tool Material

The Becker Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH, a supplier of precision cutting tools made of ultra-hard cutting materials, will present new developments in cutting tools tipped with CVD at EMO 2013. "State-of-the-art laser technologies and their development enable fully automatic batch production of perfect cutting edges, which are absolutely free of any imperfections. The challenges that grinding presents are now met with an alternative laser method," said a company spokesperson.

"We can offer any standard or special tools made of CVD diamond cutting-tool material to our customers," said Alexander Becker, Director of Becker Diamantwerkzeuge. "Right now, in addition to circumferential work, as in using laser cutting for the clearance angle, radius of the cutting edge, profiles, and so on, we have an opportunity to deal with any kind of cutting geometry in full 3D. We are observing a quantum leap in the area of technologies of manufacturing and use of diamond cutting tools, and the new laser technology plays the key role in this jump."

Becker Diamantwerkzeuge has undertaken extensive tests that allow them to use the new laser technology for PCD compound cutting-tool materials, in addition to solid PCD diamond processing. "The use of laser technology in the production of cutting edges increases their lifetime twofold compared to the commonly used grinding technologies," said a spokesperson.

According to Becker, there are two reasons for the improvement of PCD compound cutting-tool materials performance:

  • The use of solid PCD types with thickness of 0.8 mm - 1.2 mm allows more diamond volume to be utilized. The wear mechanism is reduced due to the increase of diamond volume and, subsequently, thermal conductivity of the material. 85% of the wear results from the action of heat in the cutting edge area, as micro-scale of diamond start to evaporate at 700°C. In other words, an automatic cooling mechanism is used.
  • The cutting edges produced with the new laser technology have a much sharper cutting edge when compared to the common grinding, as the application of high pressure during the grinding pressure causes structural damages to the cutting edge.

"CVD diamond coating, as diamond cutting-tool material, should be compared with monocrystalline diamond, and the evaluation of its performance should be made accordingly. The production costs, converted to carat, of CVD coating diamond only amount to about 35% of production costs of monocrystalline diamond. The available data also suggests that CVD diamond have a higher lifetime with an identical production load. The superiority of CVD diamond cutting tool material over solid PCD compound cutting-tool material is evident by their comparison. The lifetime may be increased from three to 10 times with an identical production load, depending on the choice of the material," said the spokesperson.

"The user acquires all advantages of using CVD tipped diamond cutting-tools as well as solid PCD compound cutting-tools in performance of operations of routine turning, grooving, groove turning, milling with any kind of end mill, milling with cutter heads, fine drilling, etc. With the development of new laser technology that largely replaces the common grinding, a new era of manufacturing of diamond cutting-tools and their use for cutting has begun, an era that will see replacement of monocrystalline diamond in many applications," said Werner Becker, Senior Director of Becker Diamantwerkzeuge. "We will continue to develop wear optimized diamond cutting tool material, as well as improve the whole laser technology."

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