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New Fastems FPC-750 with MMS5 Control System

Fastems will display factory automation solutions at EMO 2013. The main highlight is the new member in the FPC pallet automation product family. The new Fastems FPC-750 is equipped with the MMS5 control system. The control system provides easy scheduling of jobs and real-time reporting. For direct workpiece handling, a PNEUMOTEC palletizing cell is showcased. The compact cell is used for loading and unloading parts directly from the transportation carriers to the machine tool. It also includes an automatic carrier handling station and demonstrates the robot integration capabilities with KUKA and FANUC robots. The FMS technology is demonstrated with a 1:10 scale working model. The model features all FMS functionalities in a full Fastems MMS5 control system and gives an overall view of the FMS technology.

Fastems FPC is a cost-effective solution to automate HMCs. The product family covers pallet sizes from 400 mm to 1,250 mm and workloads from 750 kg to 7,500 kg. All FPC models can be extended to include up to three machining centers. The FPC is a compact system delivered in one package and tested at the factory before the delivery. Installation time at site is minimal - only few days including commissioning and training, according to the company. Due to the simple installation and commissioning, the first step into pallet automation is now shorter than before.

The large pallet capacity of the FPC makes it possible to run production with zero set-up times. The MMS5 control allows automatic dynamic rescheduling of jobs in changing production situations and offers the benefits of mass production even with batch sizes of one. When having larger batch sizes, long unmanned production periods can be achieved with spindles running. The standard MMS5 consists of all the necessary features needed in efficient flexible production. Additional modules are available when more capacity or new features are needed. MMS5 grows with the production, step by step. With the new MMS5 control, the FPC family moves to the browser era. In addition to personal settings, information exchange over the factory network is simple. Each production participant can create a customized view of the relevant production reports in real time. More information about the MMS5 control is available in the Software Cáfe in Fastems' booth.

Ergonomic aspects have been taken into account when designing the user interface of the loading stations. Easy access to the fixture helps producing high quality parts and achieving a smooth production flow.

The PNEUMOTEC palletizing cell comprises two main modules. The first one is used for handling workpieces directly via robot into the machine tool. The second module is used for the fully automatic handling of workpiece carriers (plastic boxes, pallets or baskets). Space saving as well as fast and easy operation are the main benefits for the customer. Parts are provided into the cell using carrier trolleys. The stack is lifted with NC controlled axes and slides into the correct position to enable the robot to handle the parts. The trolleys can be changed offline without interrupting production, which means that the robot can keep on working.

The cell provides the following:

  • High independence due to large storage capacity.
  • High operation flexibility due to the multipurpose nature of the cell (at the machine tool or anywhere else in the production line).
  • Flexibility of positioning the robot in the cell (left or right).
  • Integration of additional functions (camera system, deburring system, measuring system etc.).
  • Easy access and fast loading and unloading of carrier trolleys without interrupting production.
  • Space savings (control box on top or beside the cell).
  • Easy-to-operate panel for the operator.
  • Short installation time.

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