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18 World Premieres from DMG/Mori Seiki

The NLX2500/500 provides 2-axis turning of 3.5 m2 workpieces in lengths up to 500 mm.

DMG / Mori Seiki will feature 18 world premieres at EMO 2013. New products will include turning technologies, milling technologies, compact machining centers and an entry-level tool presetter.

New turning technologies:

  • NLX2500/500: Provides 2-axis turning on 3.5 m2 for short workpieces up to 500 mm. Available with CELOS.
  • NLX3000MC/1250: Provides high-performance turning and milling with BMT turret for turning lengths of up to 1,250 mm. Available with CELOS.
  • NLX4000BY/1500: Designed for complete machining of large workpieces up to 500 mm in diameter and 1,500 mm in length.
  • CTX beta 2000 TC: Turns and mills and features Y-stroke of 300 mm.
  • CTV 315 linear: Designed for vertical turning of large workpieces of up to 300 mm in length and weighing 25 kg.
  • SPRINT 65: Features up to three turrets with three Y axes, a B-axis and Direct Drive technology.

New milling technology:

  • DMC 650 V: The new vertical machining center is designed to provide enhanced power and flexibility. Available with CELOS.
  • HSC 30 linear / HSC 70 linear: Designed for high precision and surface finish for tool and mold making applications. Available with CELOS.
  • DMU 80 P duoBLOCK: The fourth-generation duoBLOCK is designed to provide 30% increased performance, precision and efficiency. Available with CELOS.
  • DMC 85 FD monoBLOCK: Designed for complete mill-turn machining, it features threefold pallet changer for enhanced productivity.
  • DIXI 270: Designed for high-end precision machining up to 12 t with improvement in volumetric accuracy.
  • DMF 600 linear: Traveling column milling center with linear drives and 6 m X travel for workpieces up to 10 t.
  • i80L: Compact horizontal machining center for the serial production of engine components in the automotive industry.
  • ULTRASONIC 30 linear: Designed to provide high contour accuracy as well as surface finishes of Ra < 0.1 _m in advanced materials.

ecoline compact machines:

  • CTX 450 ecoline / CTX 650 ecoline: The new compact machines for chuck sizes of 250 mm and 400 mm with 3D control technology.

New tool presetter:

  • UNO 20 I 40: Entry-level tool presetter is designed to provide high-tech features.

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